are you in a fog on starting a network marketing blog

So, you started your Network Marketing business with a lot of excitement and aspirations. You have actually grown your business through your warm market and their friends, but have reached a slump in recruitment. You have heard that the Internet has all kinds of people that want what you have and there are millions of them ready to join your opportunity! You can’t wait to open your door to the online community. You know they will see what you saw and join you in your business - in droves!
It is time to slow down and understand the pulse of the online community. They are no different than party goers. They want are not ready to rush into a relationship with someone that they know nothing about. Realize that the pace of the online community is much slower. They want to see consistency, leadership, expertise and what you stand for. They want to see you as a Giver. They want you to listen and add value to the community.
And, yes, you need to start a blog. This is where the online community can learn about you. Most people online have little or no value and are out just to sell others. You cannot go into your blog with that in mind. Think of your blog as a warm environment where your visitors are welcomed with excellent content and good information. Once there, they may decide to “kick off their shoes” and stay awhile to learn more about you. Notice that I said, “about you” - not your product, not your opportunity, but who YOU are and what makes you unique.
Step 1 - Identify Your Personal Mission and Your Why
This should be easy, but if your mission is to make money and get people to join your business, you will fail. The key is to find something other than money to be passionate about. Think about what content that you can offer to people that would give them a reason to come to your site. Always produce content with others in mind. A blog can position you as an expert in your field.